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The D/luca Story

“It’s the new generation of scarves“

Susan Lucas
- Founder and Creative Director

D/LUCA’s captivating collection combines traditionally made scarves with high tech technology. The finest delicate Cashmere, soft lightweight Silk Cotton blend and stunning Cashmere Silk qualities are digitally printed, allowing to create imagery with a wide variety of colors. Carefully selected color combinations and playing with the contrast of traditional & contemporary aspects is the intriguing red thread of this collection and presents a modern sophisticated new look. The Vision of D/Luca is to create tension within a design to achieve always new, captivating and engaging Visuals which makes this a truly unique New Generation of Scarves. Susann Lucas – Founder and Creative Director of Leigh & Luca New York created this new collection of scarves to take advantage of the new technologies allowing for more possibilities for colors and design. Her creative approach, no matter the medium, is to find points of tensions behind an idea, while she is drawn to the controversial and visionary.

Our vision at D/Luca is for you to carry your scarf for years to come and cherish those amazing qualities



D/Luca scarves start with goats grazing on organic pastures of Inner Mongolia. We use white cashmere which has the finest threads and the softest property and is considered one of the best kinds of cashmere. The fiber is collected from the goats by combing the goat during the spring when the fiber starts to shed off of the goat. De-hairing the fiber to get the soft hairs is sorted by hand and one factor that contributes to the relatively low global production rate of cashmere - approximately 6,500 metric tons of pure cashmere annually, as opposed to 2 million metric tons of sheep’s wool.
Value and cherish this fine superb quality.


Our Partners in Inner Mongolia are located in the secluded countryside that borders the banks of the Yangtze River. We proud ourselves and identify with the company’s traditionally strict dedication to production quality including the natural form of cashmere, combined with the use of the latest technology. That technologically innovative mindset is the enabler for producing the new generation of D/Luca scarves.


The origin of our brand goes all the way to Southern California, where California based designer Susann Lucas has been designing scarves since years. Her mission as a Creative Director of D/Luca is to create tension driven designs to achieve the most engaging visuals. The high tech digital printing technique brings her spectacular and captivating visions to life. The energetic power of words are used on our scarves with displaying them across the artwork. Sanctuary and Unconditional are our chosen words for giving you specific energetic power.
haven, oasis, shelter, retreat, safety,protection security, immunity
unlimted, unrestricted, wholehearted, full, complete, total, entire, full, absolute, positive